Virtual environment

I would recommend this kind of installation as opposed to global because the clash of library versions installed are avoided. Also it is easy to cleanup the installation, you just have to delete the virtual environment folder.

Typical setup on windows 10.

  1. Open command prompt or powershell:

    PS C:\Users\ferdi>
  2. cd to C drive or other drive if you want to install in other drive:

    PS C:\Users\ferdi> cd c:\
  3. Check if you have python:

    PS C:\> python --version


Be sure you use Python version 3.7,  3.8 ... or later.

  1. Create a folder in this example I will name it mypgnhelper:

    PS C:\> mkdir mypgnhelper
  2. cd to this folder:

    PS C:\> cd mypgnhelper
  3. Create venv folder for virtual environment:

    PS C:\mypgnhelper> python -m venv venv


The folder venv is now under the mypgnhelper folder. There is python installed under venv. You may delete this folder if you no longer need it.

  1. Activate the virtual enviromnent:

    PS C:\mypgnhelper> ./venv/scripts/activate
  2. Update pip:

    (venv) PS C:\mypgnhelper> python -m pip install -U pip
  3. Install the pgnhelper:

    (venv) PS C:\mypgnhelper> pip install pgnhelper


All the depdendent modules of pgnhelper are also installed. See the dependent libraties section below.

  1. Check the installation by checking its version:

    (venv) PS C:\mypgnhelper> pgnhelper -v

When you work with pgn file you need to activate the virtual environment as in step 7 if it is not activated yet like when you comeback after computer restart.

If you no longer need the pgnhelper, just delete the mypgnhelper folder.


  1. Open command prompt or powershell and run as administrator:

    PS C:\WINDOWS\system32>
  2. cd to c drive:

    PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> cd c:\
  3. Check if you have python:

    PS C:\> python --version
  4. Install the package:

    PS C:\> pip install pgnhelper
  5. Test it:

    PS C:\> pgnhelper -h

Dependent libraries

pgnhelper is dependent on the following libraries:

python chess

They are installed automatically when pgnhelper is installed.